Alumni Resources

Welcome Alumni
As a graduate of Vision Education Group, you are part of a growing community of peers in a diverse set of professional fields, commercial and business sectors, and academic disciplines. We strongly encourage you to get involved with the Alumni Club and different events in order to develop and maintain relationships with alumni who possess similar interests, and aspirations, and access the benefits this network can offer you. Contact us so that we can address your particular interests and stay in touch.

Alumni Club
Vision Education Group Alumni Club is looking for a voluntary officers and members-at-large. If you are interested in contributing your skills, knowledge and ideas in a leadership or advisory position, please send us your CV for our consideration. An Alumni Club officer will contact you with more information about the organization and the position. Selection and appointment of the officers and members-at-large to open positions can take place at anytime.
Board Meetings: The Executive Board meets approximately once a month at the office and/or via conference call. Subcommittees meet as needed, and officers correspond regularly via email/telephone/other means of communication.
Events: The Alumni Club organizes a number of professional, social, and academic events each year. The Club occasionally collaborates with other alumni or business organizations as well as professional groups to provide additional programs and activities.