About Us

Vision Education Group Ltd. is an institute for professional education, training and development. Our motto is "Envision Your Future. Enrich Your Life". We are committed to providing accredited professional education and training throughout Hong Kong, and delivering the best of class in quality skills training and education for all learners in a supportive environment whilst supporting learners to meet their learning needs and also ensuring the highest possible standard of outcomes for learners. All of our instructors, academic scholars, consultants, and specialists are highly qualified with a great deal of business and industry experience and expertise.

Our Vision will strive for excellence in professional education and training with accountability to the community.

Our Mission provides innovative and professional education and career development related professional training programs to meet the needs and interests of our local communities.

Our values are:
  • Excellence
    • Strive to continuously improve what we do
    • Share our knowledge, skills, and competencies to support each other
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to achieve the right outcomes
  • Innovation
    • Encourage and implement new ideas
    • Find smart ways to deliver the best results
    • Use our collective experience to seek out solutions and explore new opportunities
  • Integrity
    • Adhere to professional code of conduct and ethical standards
    • Respect confidentiality and privacy
    • Treat people with respect and dignity
  • Value Creation
    • Achieve the success learners want and deserve through the high quality of our programs
    • Acquire the knowledge and skills learners need to be successful in their chosen career
    • Focus on challenging and nurture each learner to reach his or her utmost potential and ability

Our Objectives
  • To provide education and professional programs to help learners to develop their competencies in their chosen career, and prepare learners to enter specific occupations.
  • To provide programs and opportunities to develop learners' professional knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • To provide guidance to assist learners in making decisions that may affect their education, career, job performance, cultural advancement and general well-being.
  • To provide activities and special events which encourage members and alumni involvement in Vision Education Group Ltd. for experience sharing, and professional networking.
  • To provide in-house training programs and services designed to improve the quality of life and harmonious relations in the community and to promote life-long learning.

President’s Welcome Message
Welcome to Vision Education Group Ltd., and thank you for considering us for your professional education and training.

No matter your profile, teaches all comers without discrimination. Your success is our top priority.

Vision Education Group Ltd. believes that professional education and training is the solid and practical foundation of an informed, cohesive and progressive community. We are committed to providing you with an outstanding education and professional training that is current, relevant, and meaningful in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing global marketplace.

Our community comprises people from all walks of life sharing access to professional education and training to assist learners to participate fully and successfully in our society. All people should have the greatest possible opportunity to make use of and participate in relevant activities and programs offer by our organization.

Everyone is encouraged to high quality professional education and training programs that provide value-added credentials and clear pathways to employment and lifelong learning. The outcomes of professional education and training should not depend on factors beyond the learner's control and influence.

Thus, a demonstrated commitment to these education and training principles and practices is our key beliefs and values, and core responsibility for all those working in professional education and training.

Last but not the least, our professional education and training programs are to inflame your intellects, make and enrich your life, and develop your career, and you'll discover how we serve you. Come by and meet with one of our enrollment specialists learn more about our programs. You may also call and ask to speak to an advisor at tel. no. (852) 2813 8939. I welcome you to contact me personally at (852) 2813 1386 or by email at info@visionedugroup.com if you have any questions about Vision Education Group Ltd..

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.”

I wish you every success as you work towards your future.

Daisy Lam
Vision Education Group Ltd.

Vision Education Group Ltd. works hard to create business and professional partnerships for the benefit of our learners. Whether graduates of Vision Education Group Ltd. continue their education and training or start their new career, our partnerships create a unique opportunity and platform for our member and alumni to network with different professionals in their chosen career.